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From thinking about what jobs to apply for, where to find them through to producing outstanding applications and going for the interview ...... the Digital Backpack has got you covered. All the tools and resources you need to get that job - top shelf quality and super simple to use.

  • Finding Jobs
  • Interviews
  • Career Planning
  • Applying for jobs
  • Tips & Tricks

No stress. It's all here for you.

Everything you need for the whole career planning and job application process in one place.

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What we provide

You can access the following in your Digital Backpack account

256 Bit Security

We use the same security as the banks to store your documents in the Digital Backpack. Your security is our number 1 concern.


Create stunning resume's that are designed with all the latest job/resume matching software in mind. These will make sure that you are there when the final decisions are made.

Cover Letters

These are the first things that potential employers see. They need to stand out from the hundreds that employers will see when advertising any job - and these will.

Digital Portfolio

Create your own mini website to sell yourself to potential employers. In today's job hunting world it is hard to stand out from the crowd and this will give you the edge.

Document Vault

Store all your important documents securely in one place. Access them any time - any where when you need them for your job applications.

Career Resources

Access a range of resources and tools to help you in your job and career search. These resources cover all the important areas.

Video Channel

View a library of especially created curated job hunting videos. Get the best tips and tricks to assist you in your research and job applications.

Career Journey

A structured process where we help you plan your future and work towards it. A step by step guide to working out what you want and then achieving that goal.


Attend webinars (or watch the recordings) run by experts in the job hunting field. These cover a wide range of job hunting and application topics.

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Who have we helped?

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Partners and Information Sources

We work with renowned companies and source information from numerous organisations to ensure you have the best and most up to date information, tools and resources.

Why use us?

Here are some of the reasons why we are the best solution for you.

Any device, any time anywhere.

Everyone is busy and no doubt you'll be fitting in your job applications around a lot of other things.

It's all about giving you flexibility.

We like to make it easy for you.

We've worked very hard tp make creating your job applications incredibly simple. It's just a case of putting your details into some boxes, clicking "Save" and you're done.

You can also easily edit your documents in the same way - just change a few details, save and print again.

There's a trick to getting through companies' resume scanning software.

Did you know that many companies now use software to scan the resumes they receive? This software is looking for specific things and only the resume's that contain these things make it to the top and have a chance of getting you an interview.

Our resume's are specifically formatted to give you the best chance of getting you recognised by this software - plus we give you a lot of tips and tricks about what to include as well.

Looks are everything.

In today's job market you have to stand out from the crowd.

All our documents look extremely professional and will get you noticed. They will say to the employer "this person is articulate, professional and worth giving them an interview."

Everything you need - in the one place.

Job applications can involve a lot of different things - different documents you need to collect, different documents to create and you need to be able to store all this, not only for current applications but future ones as well.

The Digital Backpack allows you to create and store all these things in the one place. You can access, edit, print, send and email these things quickly and easily at any time.